You own Bitcoins? Yeah, it means you have faced the trouble to be in waiting list for sending them although you pay some bucks to do so. It sucks to wait only for confirmation status of transactions, well this is what we call a scalability problem. Although blockchain was introduced to increase the transaction of cryptocurrency but with the huge volume of transaction small number of transactions per second waste a lot of time and makes things slower. Could you believe some ethereum accommodate only 20 transactions per second on the other hand Visa process 24,000 transactions per second.

It’s time for WIZBL

If you are tired of these scalability problems and looking for more solutions then its time to shift to WIZBL blockchain platform. The company has built a platform which fastest of all and can process 1,000,000 transactions in no time. Yes, its true, WIZBL can process 1,000,000 transactions in one second.

WIZBL is 5th generation blockchain technology by Moon youngchul and his development team. This 5th generation blockchain technology, it is specially designed protocols help to make real-time transactions. Its P2P verification function is the best among many blockchain platforms and it keeps the risk of hacking at the lowest level.

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All these characteristics make WIZBL must have cryptocurrency in 2018. They already provide the wallet service, and their test net will be launch by end of the May. Fast transactions, secure payments, options to buy anything any time and much more under one roof is like a plate of salad with all nutrients for the body so we can call WIZBL a complete set of opportunities for a person who wants to make fast and secure transactions or want to invest his extra money in crypto.

Need more information about WIZBL please visit or contact them by Telegram ID - WIZBL.