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Therapy.Coach the Solution to Affordable Healthcare Ready for Accredited USA Investors

Therapy on Demand, LLC was formed in 2015 providing in-home therapy services for complex assertive technology evaluations. It has since evolved into an app for in-home therapy providers to provide services with an on-demand services model, alongside health and wellness content for purchase and used as an incentive for booking.

The website and service is on-hold while being rebuilt and optimized for performance and security in conjunction with a skilled agency using secure Cloud platforms. It is ready for a public relaunch with minimal additional funding required due to startup infusion from Executive Director and Occupational Therapist, Adam Parsons.

Proof of concept has been carried out through portfolio website demonstrated low bounce rate and high conversion for memberships, high engagement with health and wellness content including written articles and YouTube videos.


Our company also operates Therapy.Coach, Chartered (a Delaware C-corporation) which integrates online therapy and telehealth through a highly interactive, ramified model that is a subscription model leveraging cryptocurrency and blockchain. Please visit: to learn more.

Our in-house creative media, immersive reality, and artificial intelligence team is working on a project as a fellow of the Oculus Launchpad 2018 program, and engages with our in-house consulting team to provide managed web presences and solutions for medical and non-medical business, digital tools for healthcare, and SEO/marketing services.

To round off our public service offerings, we have just launched Therapy on Demand Foundation nonprofit that’s starting off it’s own efforts with an immersive-reality education project for women in education and sustainability.





Email: info@therapyondemand.io

Contact: Adam Parsons 707-974-2951

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