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i-House.com Has Created the Global Real Estate Blockchain Cloud Platform for Investors & Developers

One of the major issues that real estate investors face is related to managing global real estate transactions. Large transactions are secured but others aren’t and it gets challenging for investors and developers to manage their global assets. i-House.com is all set to solve this challenge by creating a global real estate blockchain marketplace for investors and developers where they can manage their assets, transfer them, and measure profits.

i-House.com’s platform has the smart contract technology that helps in splitting real estate assets and are then assigned to different financial institutions. Anyone, including small investors, can invest in small real estate assets through financial institutions. The platform doesn’t just allow small investors to invest in global real estate, which was previously challenging, but it makes these small investments secure, transparent, traceable, and low-risk.

i-House.com offers its users an easy-to-use dashboard where investors can see profits and compare before and after profits easily. All the income, sale, purchase, and profit can be tracked easily within the dashboard. It works exactly like a real estate exchange but it is powered by blockchain.


According to Ricky Ng, who is the founder and the chairman of the i-House.com, “Our mission is to give every individual the opportunity to own and share real estate investments seamlessly, making the dream of owning real estate a reality. Our project is disrupting the traditional real estate marketplace by combining the power of blockchain and emerging technologies.”

With the i-House ATO platform, real estate assets that were previously inaccessible for small and medium investors will now be available. Anyone can buy any asset from a financial institution irrespective of one’s capital without any security issues.

The i-House ATO platform that i-House.com provides, has also added value services to their model as well. “As one of the leading real estate marketplaces for investors and developers, we want to continue to provide a platform where we can assist in empowering investors and developers alike, in the tokenization of assets and the bright future that it holds for the real estate industry,” added the chairman and founder. “The team at i-House.com has added it ATO 2.0 services to further enhance the ATO platform. ATO 2.0 services include ATO (Asset Tokenized Offering) token issuance, ERC 20/ ERC 223 token and smart contract advising, white paper services, ATO marketing/PR campaign services, design, development and implementation services. The new services are available for real estate asset property owners who want to break through the lag that the real estate industry is in.”

Source: https://i-house.com/

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