Power of Knowledge on Your Screens - Latest News & Trends
Power of Knowledge on Your Screens - Latest News & Trends

Not long ago, QR Codes meant a combination of black and white squares scanned by a camera-enabled device to showcase textual information. Their primary goal was to share basic information that couldn’t have been adjusted on the package itself.

Today, QR Codes are evolved into a high-grade yet responsive marketing tactic. Many multi-billionaire organizations and digital channels are already utilizing them to generate enormous revenue. If you’re looking forward to engaging QR Codes to market products to your targeted audience, a QR code generator with logo is the way to go.

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Multi URL QR Codes
Setting aside the ability to incorporate the organization’s logo, brand color, and additional customization, multi-QR Codes open vast doors to employ different marketing techniques using one QR code. If you’ve been using QR Codes before, you must know that QR Codes redirect users to different landing pages or websites — preferably; a “URL”. So, what is a multi-URL QR code? A multi-URL QR code lets you redirect users to more than one URLs using one QR code. The redirection is dependent on several conditions like time, date, device type, location, and more.


Win Big in 2019 With Multi URL QR Codes
With the ever-evolving digital marketing tactics, every company is always trying to find new ways to stand out and sell to its targeted customers. And if you’re not utilized multi URL QR Codes to your marketing campaigns yet, you might already leave behind a lot of revenue on the table. Still concerned about the importance of multi URL QR Codes?

Well, following are some examples explaining how multi URL QR Codes are the future:

Excessive Use of Mobile Phones
According to a recent survey, the total number of mobile users worldwide are 4.68 billion which is continuously increasing. With that being said, your targeted audience is most likely engaged in smartphones too. By making multi-URL QR Codes, you can convey different information per the user’s mobile device type, location, date, time, and more.


Real-Time Tracking
As discussed earlier, QR Codes have evolved much during the past few years. And now, you can even track the total number of scans, time, location, date, device type, and more. All this tracking is done in real-time and can easily be employed in your marketing using a QR code generator with logo. Thus, you know which of your products are getting more scans, at which time, date, location, and also device type.

Customized QR Codes
Multi-URL QR Codes are customizable. For instance, you can set the QR Code’s color per your brand identity, add a custom logo, or image to make it look appealing, attractive, and relevant to your business. A simple QR code wouldn’t inspire the audience of your fashion brand, right?


Final Verdict
In a nutshell, a dynamic QR code generator with the logo itself provides you a platform to analyze your targeted audience by making Multi URL Codes and testing them in different locations, time, date, and more. In this regard, QRzebra provides you an easy way to make Multi URL QR Codes and enhance your marketing level.

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