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Power of Knowledge on Your Screens - Latest News & Trends

Go Beyond the Diabetes Meter by Pairing it With Your Smartphone (Buyer’s Guide)

Managing your diabetes can be incredibly challenging. Keeping track of historical data on a small notebook tucked into your diabetes meter case is so analog —and it can be risky for your health.

By pairing your diabetes blood glucose meter with a smartphone app, diabetics have valuable historical information regarding their diabetes.


With data, it’s easier to improve your understanding of your diabetes and stay on target.

Modern Challenges for Diabetics

While technology plays a critical role in managing diabetes, mainstream technologies are still not enough to ensure that diabetics stay on schedule when it comes to self-care.


Even now, staying organized, getting accurate blood glucose level readings, not wasting blood glucose reader strips, knowing if you’re on target, understanding blood glucose patterns and trends, understanding the impact of food or activities on blood glucose levels, taking readings at the right time, and having more informed health discussions with your doctor all fall on you, the diabetic.

That’s a tall order, begging to be simplified by technology.

A Busy Lifestyle Can Be Fatal

The number one reason why diabetics suffer from near-fatal hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia is because they get distracted by the challenges and time restraints of daily life.


Having a smart blood glucose reader can help you keep on track and prevent dangerous health circumstances, especially for newer diabetics who are still learning how to manage it.

A little prevention is worth more than a pound of cure —coping with the reality that there’s no cure for diabetes is easier when you’ve got enough data at your fingertips to help manage it in a smart way.


Keeping a record of sugar, food, and daily activities that impact your diabetes is never easy.

The Contour Next One is one such smart blood glucose meter that can remind users to take a blood glucose measurement, identify patterns and possible causes behind them, provide high blood sugar level alerts, and help diabetics share detailed reports with their doctor.


Wrapping it Up

Choosing a smart blood glucose meter is a great way to ensure that you’re taking the best measures for your health and safety, today and tomorrow.


Which smart blood-glucose meter do you trust? Let us know in the comments.

Source: https://www.contournextone.com/

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